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Arnold Shkaidy - Transformative Leadership and Team Coach

My Story, from Corporate Executive to Passionate Coach

Leadership | Team | Life Coach
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How Personal Accountability Changed Everything

Our Journey: From Surviving to Thriving


When I was diagnosed with cancer more than a decade ago, my world turned upside down. The journey ahead seemed impossible to navigate alone. Thankfully, I had my incredible wife by my side, guiding me through each step.

From the beginning, Selene was more than just a support system; she became my coach. She encouraged me to set small, achievable goals, like taking a short walk or enjoying a good book. Each small victory was a beacon of hope, leading us through the darkest days.

She listened to my fears and frustrations without judgment, offering a comforting presence when I needed it most. Her unwavering belief in my strength helped me find my own resilience. Through her support, I realized that surviving cancer was about more than just enduring treatments—it was about finding the strength to thrive.

As I recovered, I felt a growing desire to use Selene’s approach to help others face their own struggles. I became an ICF credentialed coach, dedicating myself to partner with others just as my wife partnered with me in my own recovery me. My journey through dealing with cancer gave me a deep understanding of struggle and resilience, which I now bring to my coaching.

At Arnold Coaching, I share our story to inspire others. I understand what it means to fight through adversity and emerge stronger. My coaching is grounded in empathy and personal experience, offering a guiding hand to those navigating their own challenges.


In order to protect the privacy of our clients, we have chosen not to disclose their names.

Working Remotely
"Arnold’s ability to get his immense knowledge across is extremely high. He can communicate across all levels of educational skills."

Short-term insurer team leader

What Drives Me

My primary goal as a coach is to empower individuals to live their best lives, as leaders, managers, in teams or in their personal lives. I strive to create a safe and supportive environment where individuals feel comfortable sharing their ideas, thoughts and concerns.

My background includes experiences as an executive and as a facilitator. I have facilitated hundreds of workshops on leadership, organisational behaviour and team development for various international and South African brands.

I have the privilege of being a father of two sons and a grandfather of four wonderful grandchildren. A fifth is on its way. Our family is spread across three different continents: South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. The moments when we all come together as a family bring us immense joy. In the past, I pursued my passion for acting as an enthusiastic amateur. I spent many ears as an athletic track coach. Currently, I enjoy attending theatre performances and following international athletics and rugby.



Blue Background

So far, I have led over 2000 workshop facilitation days and conducted more than 400 leadership, life and team coaching sessions.

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Education and Development Diploma, BA, BEd(Psych), MEd(Psych) Cum  Laude, MBA 

I am an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified coach.

I am here to serve as your coach for transformative leadership, team dynamics and life enhancement.

Transformative Coach, Arnold Shkaidy waiting for your call.
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