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At some point, we’ve all experienced self-doubt, which can manifest as a limiting belief. However, beliefs aren’t set in stone – they can be changed. The key is to recognise and identify our limiting beliefs, and then replace them with positive ones.

Here are some examples to make such substitutions:

Example 1: Turning a negative belief into a positive

  • Limiting Belief: "I'm not smart enough to succeed in numbers"

  • Positive Belief Substitution: "I can learn and excel in maths with effort and practice."

Example 2: Uncovering Root Causes

  • Limiting Belief: "I will never find a fulfilling career because I lack the necessary qualifications."

  • Positive Belief Substitution: "I have valuable skills and talents that can be developed to pursue a fulfilling career."

Example 3: Identifying and Overcoming Self-Doubt

  • Limiting Belief: "I'll never be able to achieve my goals; I'm destined to fail."

  • Positive Belief Substitution: "I am capable of achieving my goals through perseverance, learning and seeking support when needed."

Example 4: Resilience and Persistence

  • Limiting Belief: "I always give up when faced with challenges; I'm not tough enough."

  • Positive Belief Substitution: "I can overcome challenges and setbacks through resilience, adaptability and seeking solutions."

Example 5: Empathy and Compassion for Self

  • Limiting Belief: "I'm not deserving of love and respect because I'm not perfect."

  • Positive Belief Substitution: "I am deserving of love, respect, and compassion, just like everyone else, regardless of imperfections."

Example 6: Awareness of Thoughts

  • Limiting Belief: "I always make mistakes; I can't do anything right."

  • Positive Belief Substitution: "Mistakes are opportunities for learning and growth. I can continually improve and succeed."

Example 7: Reflection

  • Limiting Belief: "I'm not creative; I don't have any artistic talents."

  • Positive Belief Substitution: "Creativity exists within me. I can explore and develop it in various ways."

Example 8: Replacing Limiting Beliefs with Positive Affirmations

  • Limiting Belief: "I'll never be successful; I'm destined to fail."

  • Positive Belief Substitution: "I am capable of achieving success through dedication, continuous learning and embracing opportunities."

Example 9: Embracing Growth Mindset

  • Limiting Belief: "I'm not good at public speaking; I always stumble over my words."

  • Positive Belief Substitution: "I have the potential to become an effective public speaker with practice, preparation and learning from each experience."

Example 10: Applying Positive Beliefs in Daily Life

  • Limiting Belief: "I can't achieve work-life balance; it's impossible."

  • Positive Belief Substitution: "I can create a harmonious balance between my work and personal life by setting boundaries, prioritizing self-care and managing my time effectively."

Example11: Cultivating a Positive Environment

  • Limiting Belief: "I can't trust others; everyone will eventually let me down."

  • Positive Belief Substitution: "I can cultivate trusting and supportive relationships by surrounding myself with individuals who align with my values and demonstrate trustworthiness."

Example12: Celebrating Progress and Milestones

  • Limiting Belief: "I never accomplish anything significant; my efforts go unnoticed."

  • Positive Belief Substitution: "I celebrate and acknowledge my achievements, both big and small and recognize the progress I make on my journey towards personal growth and success."

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